A Month with B. caapi: My 30-Day Microdosing Journey (Shanna's Story)

A Month with B. caapi: My 30-Day Microdosing Journey (Shanna's Story)

I was introduced to microdosing the Banisteriopsis caapi vine by one of the founders of Radiant Farms, as a potential path to a subtle yet profound improvements in wellbeing. Here's how my month long journey unfolded.

Week 1: New Beginnings

The first week was one of acclimation. I used the Radiant Farms guidelines, and made sure to plan to shift my diet to low tyramine containing foods. Every morning for 5 days, I took a 64 mg chew on empty stomach, which was an easy way to consume it, as the amount per piece was stabilized (and bonus: they taste good!) I thanked it before I took it, like you would over a meal. Over the morning, I felt a gentle lifting of my mood, akin to the softest sunray piercing through an overcast day. It was subtle but noticeable. My daily meditation sessions became deeper, more anchored, and I found it easier to maintain focus on mundane tasks. I noted at the end of each day what kind of a day I had- how was my mood and general demeanor. On day 6 and 7, I rested, and the sense of well being lingered. I continued this 5 days on, 2 days off protocol.

Week 2: Heightened Intuitions

By the second week, the effects became more pronounced. My dreams began to intensify, offering vivid landscapes and narratives that often left me in contemplation the next morning. It was during this week that I began to recognize a heightened sense of intuition. It wasn’t psychic visions or prophecy, but a keener edge to my instincts, a more refined gut feeling. Making decisions became somewhat smoother as I felt more in tune with my inherent desires and needs.

Week 3: Emotional Resonance

The third week was a little more emotionally intense. It began to work its magic on my emotional spectrum. Old memories, long forgotten, resurfaced and took me by surprise. Moments from childhood, forgotten arguments, buried feelings—all emerged, not as tormentors, but as old friends inviting me to revisit, reconsider, and reintegrate these fragments of my past. I found myself reconciling with past emotions and achieving a catharsis I hadn't known I needed.

Week 4: Presence and Attunement

The last week brough more connection to my inner knowing and intuition. I felt an emotional resonance and began to harmonize, culminating in an enhanced sense of self-awareness. I found myself more present in my relationships, more attuned to the unsaid, and more compassionate toward the struggles of others. This wasn’t a superhuman ability; it was just a clearer channel to what it means to be human.

For me, microdosing B. caapi wasn’t about chasing euphoria or escaping reality. It was about tuning the internal frequencies just right, to better hear the song of existence. It was transformative in the quietest sense of the word. Sometimes the most profound shifts don’t come with a bang, but with a gentle whisper, urging one to listen, to understand, and to grow. 

I am continuing to microdose at a lower rate- every 3 days- and it feels great.

Happy journeys!


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